IPL Fantasy League 2015 - Play #FantasyIPL League Now!

In India, the most famous sports in Cricket and there is no doubt that anyone could have guessed it. After the world cup 2015, the next big extravaganza is the IPL 2015 season 8 that is kicking off in a week from now on. IPL inception stated in 2008 and in the seven seasons until now, IPL have gained a lot of traction in terms of both popularity and money.

So, you want to become the part of the IPL? Do not worry, as BCCI official website runs one of the most engaging games known as IPL Fantasy League. The IPL fantasy league is nothing new for online junkies, but if you are new then do not worry as we go through the game and provide you the general information about the game.

Both Indian and overseas players find IPL a great platform to harness their skills, especially the Indian players can grow and earn at the same time. BCCI knows that there are potential number of online cricket lovers and that's why they have started IPL fantasy league, which constitutes on the idea of creating a virtual team with virtual currency and compete with millions of users online.

The idea is a refreshing one and the IPL fantasy league is a great platform for competition among the players, who can now move on from fan to the owner(fantasy).

The game is simple and revolves around creating a squad that will earn points for you as they bat, bowl, field and become the man of the match. So, who wins the game? The winner is the highest point gained throughout the tournament. At the start of the game, you can make as many subs as you can, but once the game starts no more subs are allowed. Any subs made after the match starts will not be counted and is only taken into consideration from the next match.

Let's start with building a great team for your Fantasy League

A great team constitutes of batsman, bowlers, fields, all-rounder's and wicket-keepers. Once you land on the official website, you need to register with your name(choosing an original name has its own benefits) and then you can choose your favourite team.

With everything set, the online game will ask you to choose a balanced squad of 11 players. There is also an auto-complete feature, which I found very helpful.

If you are not able to get started with the team, choose auto-complete for creating the team. You can choose unlimited subs before the start of the game. There are only 75 subs available for the league matches. Once the league matches finish, you can again do unlimited subs, which is again limited to 10 subs when the quarter finals start. This is an essential to winning the tournament. Clever use of subs can earn you a lot of points and bring you at the top of the table.

Beyond the Basics of IPL Fantasy League

Generally, the normal combination is 1 wicket-keeper, minimum 2 bowlers, minimum 4+ batsman, 1 all-rounder. There are other constraints on the building up of the team. One of the constraints, I like is the maximum inclusion of 4 foreign players and also the inclusion of minimum one uncapped players. The reason for choosing only 4 foreign players is the sole reason is that the tournament is an "Indian" premier league. Also, you will get 1 million dollars to get started, which is enough to buy a decent team with star players. For example, I was able to get Dhoni, Maxwell, Suresh Raina in one team and this was just the beginning.

Currently, there are two types of competition within the league, the daily league, and the franchise league. The daily league calculates the point earned for the daily purpose and winner is chosen on the daily purpose. The franchise league winner is decided on the basis of the total points earned in the whole tournament.

The prizes won in the game are all related to IPL merchandise and goodies. There is no cash prizes, but there is one cool thing that makes the game unique. If you win the IPL fantasy league, you will surely get interviews from the newspaper and this is one of the gateways to earn fame and also enjoy being the owner of your own IPL team(virtually).

After you choose your team, you can choose the power player, who earns more points for you. There are also penalties for duck scores and extra points of the man of the match. There are lots of ways you can play this game, understanding the different aspects of it.

Playing the game is an enthralling experience for the fans as it keeps them close to the game and also teaches you the strategies that go into choosing a winning team. Winning in this game is no simple and requires a lot of understanding of the cricket game. You can start off with a balanced team and then keep changing the team on a regular basis. Subs are an important part of he game as it give you the initiative to create the balanced team on each day of the tournament, enabling you to earn lots of points.

To make the game more interesting, the developers of the game have introduced the gamification options such as badges. These badges can be earned on the regular basis as you progress through the tournament and they are really fancy stuff to show to your friends. There are currently 17 badges in the game and all of them are achievable.

You can also create Facebook league, which is a group based on a particular topic such as fans of CSK etc. These groups increase interactivity with the fellow members and increases the chance to learn new tips and tricks about the IPL fantasy league.

IPL Fantasy League 2015 -Wrap Up 

IPL fantasy league is one of the most enthralling online stimulating game that I have come across. With tons of possible team combinations and a way to engage indirectly in the tournament, the IPL fantasy league is here to stay. The game is complicated and has a infinite amount of team combinations possible. The best strategy is to create a team that will play matches for the next week or so. Also, regular usage of subs is important. Do you love IPL fantasy league? Comment below and let us know.