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Cricket has always been in the blood of Indians and with Indian Premier League, Cricket Lovers around the World can rejoice the adrenaline-charged twenty-twenty cricket. The history of cricket is rich and with IPL entering the mainstream cricket, things can change for both the players and the cricket followers.

Who doesn't want to see fours and sixes ball-after-ball? We all do. But, IPL has its own demerits, which include non-bowling friendly matches. Critics have also not been fond of the IPL, but that's the topic of yet another day. Cricket has its own charms and with this shortened version of the game, the equation has changed completely. With IPL live streaming, internet users can also enjoy the game and bring more value to the game. Today, we will go through an highlight of he origins, its organization, price money and other facets of how the game has evolved and is being currently played by different teams. Before, we start, IPL has given many players a platform to showcase their talent, which was not possible earlier because of the limited opportunities. Many players have gone through the hardships and have even made a place for their respective country national team. BCCI is behind the organization of the IPL and has made the tournament a world-class extravaganza.

Let us being our journey with the history of the IPL. Its origins and how it evolved from IPL to Pepsi IPL.

History of IPL

The launch period of the IPL was not so fascinating. IPL came into life when another Indian league, famously known as ICL was making its impact on the Indian domestic circuit. But BCCI was adamant to take over the glory of 20-2o cricket in India. The journey started with a bang as in 2008, IPL attracted lots of sponsors including Sony and DFL. DFL paid nearly $50million for a five-year sponsorship and Sony chipping in with $1 billion. And, if you are wondering how IPL propagated into internet user’s life? IPL is the first ever sporting event that is being streamed live to Youtube. In 2015, sporting events live-streaming has become common and IPL Live streaming is no different. Until now there are seven editions that have been completed. The first edition was the most memorable with eight teams making it out against each other. The main attraction of IPL matches it the IPL match format of each team playing twice at home and one away match. This help the teams to meet their local fans and improve the following way better. The winner of the first match was Rajasthan Royals with Shane Watson winning the player of the tournament award.

All well and good, but the Second IPL was not hosted on Indian soil due to Indian Elections. The IPL managing community decided it move it to South Africa. The decision was criticized by many, but the end result was much better than the first IPL seasons. Many Indian fans in South Africa had the chance to witness the beauty of cricket in the 20-20 format. Winners of second IPL were Deccan Chargers. The next sessions were held in India with more visitors pouring in to see the teams fight out for the glory. The winner of the third season was Chennai Super Kings who defeated the favorite Mumbai Indians. From there, Chennai Super Kings started their domination under the best caption of India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The fourth season was an interesting change in course for the IPL team rosters. Two new teams, PWI (Pune Warriors India) and KTK(Kochi Tuskers Kerela) made their entrance in the IPL 4. With a series of events and controversies following KTK, both Lalit Modi and Sashi Tharoor stepped down from their position. KTK finally made it to the playing scene, increasing the number of teams participating from 8 to 10. The winner of the fourth season was again CSK, making a statement in IPL. The win came under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has just won the World Cup for India. But, controversies have completely eaten up KTK -- the team withdrew from the IPL, leaving only 9 teams for the fifth season.

So, what's different in the fifth season? The fifth season was the most competitive of all the seasons with the results being produced in the last over on 14 different occasions. This season also saw some changes in the squad number, which saw an increase of 3 players reaching 33 members per squad. Also, the fifth edition saw a slurry of match fixing allegation when a news channel carried a string operation on many Indian cricketers.

The sixth season saw some changes too. Pepsi became the main sponsor of the IPL. The DFL has just expired their 5-year contract. The sixth season champion was Mumbai Indians and it was the right moment for the Mumbai Indians to win the IPL trophy as Sachin decided to retire from his IPL career. At the same season, PWI dissolved and become the part of the history. With the seventh edition of IPL saw some changes in location because of Elections. Some matches were held in UAE with last matches were played in India. KKR won the seventh edition of the IPL.

IPL League Organization - Cricket in India

A league can only be successful when organized in the correct way. IPL is no different, It has franchises, its owners, tournament rules and the other sets of incentives for teams so that teams can lead to a success story. To get a hold of the IPL league Organization, let's start with the franchises that took part in the IPL over the last 7 years. The most famous franchises of IPL are Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. With other teams fighting for the same cup, these teams always made the followers cheer. Until now, an average of $700 million of money is spent on the auction almost every year. The franchise was owned by many stars, either completely or in part. For example, KKR is bought by Shahrukh Khan, a leading Bollywood superstar. If we look into the franchise of each team, the CSK is now controlled by India Cements. Other important franchises include Vijay Mallya's Royal Challengers Banglore and Mukesh Ambani Mumbai Indians.

There are other important players, but that's a discussion for another day. The tournament rules are diverse and franchise can acquire players in different ways. The most interesting way of gathering players is through trading and the new franchise generally have to pay the difference between the old and the new contract. Other interesting rules include are having a team with a minimum of 16 players. Each of the team should have one physiotherapist and a coach. There are also limitations on the number of foreign players. Currently, the number of players that are allowed from foreign ground is eleven.

The tournament is a blessing for the under 22-pool players as it is mandatory for including six players from the under-22 pool. The best performing team in the last seven seasons of IPL is Chennai SuperKings as won the league two times and being runner-up for three times. The title is won 2 times by both Chennai SuperKings and Kolkata Knight Riders, followed by one win by Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.

Prize Money

Prize Money of the IPL league is an important part of the IPL with the champions, offers 150 million INR, followed by 100 million Runner-up, 75 million for the third place and 75 million for the fourth place. Another crazy fact about the prize money is that half of the prize money is distributed among the players.

IPL Live Streaming & Live Cricket Score Updates

Live Streaming is one of the features of IPL. Cricket Lovers can now watch Live streaming on many websites online. The most famous website for online IPL Live streaming is, EspnCricInfo and more. With tons of other sources also available online, there are less chances that you can miss the action of IPL Season 8.


Cricket has always been the game of money and there is no doubt that IPL has tons of sponsors, delivering tons and tons of money to the game. The most famous franchise is the DFL Group, who paid 2.5 billion rupees and became the title sponsor. The deal lasted for 5 years straight. Then followed the Pepsi to hold the title of the IPL. Pepsi acquisition of the title was one of the biggest investment in the history of cricket, totaling at 3968 million rupees.

Other worth sponsors of the IPL tournament are Hero Honda and Kingfisher invests a total of $22.5 and $26.5 million rupees.


IPL has changed the course of cricket and has given life to the 20-20 format. With tons and tons of money pouring in, there are enough opportunities for new players to make their name in the game. Equal amount of opportunities is given to foreign players, who provide experience and stability to the team.

So, aren't you waiting for the season 8? The clear favorites this time is CSK and KKR. KKR has won the last season's cup and CSK chances are always there because it is guided by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Let us know which team you are supporting and why by commenting below!